Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence has migrated from sci-fi movies to real applications in everyday life. As we gear up for G-Summit 2017 in August, we want to shed a light on industries embracing artificial intelligence at a rapid pace.

AI not only impacts businesses; it impacts people around the world. It’s helping to save lives in healthcare. It’s enabling consumer tech companies to explode into large, profitable entities. It’s allowing transportation companies to deliver more advanced experiences for consumers. And it’s opening doors for investors who want to support the big ideas of tomorrow.

Let’s look at G-Summit previews on how AI is being implemented across industries!

Life-saving medical screenings.

Medical screening procedures have caught the attention of innovative AI researchers. Over the years, there have been studies that examine how human error can impact the accurate and timely diagnosis of cancer. Not only does the experience of medical professionals matter, but researchers are investigating a myriad of obstacles that impact the health of patients.

For instance, there may be a correlation between the time of day cancer screenings occur and the accuracy of the screening results. If such an impact exists due to fluctuations in human error throughout the day, machine learning could become increasingly necessary to provide timely results for patients with life-threatening illnesses.

Transportation is about to change, again.

While the transportation industry has experienced massive disruption due to rideshare companies like Uber in the past few years, more change is coming.

Opportunities to make speech detection widely available for both companies and consumers can have great impact on the worlds of transportation, science, and business. Earlier this year, Ford announced plans to develop an “empathetic car”. That’s right, pretty soon your car will be able to cheer you up after a long day at work or chime in with the perfect joke during an awkward moment of silence.

There’s plenty to learn about the auto industry’s latest AI adoptions. The G-Summit session, Unbelievable Benefits and Risks of Autopilot Technology, is just one of the talks you’ll hear at our Pebble Beach event about the massive shifts coming to transportation in 2018 and beyond. Join us in August to hear more on this topic from Tesla, Baidu and AutoX. (Check out the G-Summit agenda to see the rest of our lineup.)

Every day, more businesses are overcoming obstacles to adapt to advancements in technology.

With the worlds of tech and science colliding, there’s never been a more important time to become aware of the impact of Artificial Intelligence. We can all learn from each other and encourage growth across all industries. That’s why we’re excited to converge for productive discussions at G-Summit Pebble Beach on August 23rd. The retreat-like destination along the California coast will be the meeting place for all things AI.

If you haven’t already secured your spot for this unique opportunity to meet with leading experts in science, technology, and investment companies, you can get your ticket here.