Attend G-Summit at Pebble Beach® to participate in engaging AI conversations, networking with industry leaders, and, of course, some golfing along the famous California coast with like-minded innovators.

What will you learn and who will you meet at G-Summit at Pebble Beach®?

G-Summit at Pebble Beach® is the innovation event of the summer. We have a unique lineup of science, tech and VC speakers and attendees. Below are just a few highlights of the innovative panels and opportunities for discussions with global leaders in machine learning, self-driving cars, AI education, and more.

Autonomous Driving

Discover the future of autonomous driving

Self-driving cars are a hot topic, but it’s the leaders in transportation who will make them a reality. Hear the latest on obstacles and opportunities from innovators at Tesla, Baidu, and AutoX during the panel session, Unbelievable Benefits and Risks of Autopilot Technology.

Hear how AI & Quantum Computing will shape the future

The new scientific renaissance is taking off with lightening speed. During a fireside chat at G-Summit with two Professors of Physics from Stanford University, you’ll learn about groundbreaking and disruptive quantum computing technologies that can tackle supercomputing obstacles.

Gain insight on tech advances in healthcare

While many industries are replacing people with technology, the field of healthcare is experiencing both growth and challenges when it comes to adapting to AI to save lives. During the panel, How Technology Could Help Healthcare via Internet, AI and Robotics, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from founders and researchers from organizations including CrowdFlower, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, The School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering at The University of Science and Technology Beijing, and a Data Scientist from Banter.

Catch up on the latest tech trends

Facebook, Xiaomi and Google Brain are just a few of the companies represented with speakers at G-Summit. Hear the latest AI and machine learning trends coming up in 2018 and beyond from their thought leaders, including Chief Architects, Directors and VPs.

Wall Street

Increase your knowledge of AI in finance

Banking and Investing in 2018 and beyond will rely heavily on machine learning and cognitive computing. Join VP, Info Security Strategy & Didi Research, Didi Chuxing, for his session, AI Revolutionizing the Finance World.

Learn how to build successful, innovative teams

If you’re looking to hire innovators, you’ll find leaders with years of experience on our panels. Mu Ming Poo, a biophysicist and neurobiologist that serves as the Director of the Center for Brain Science and Intelligence Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has already begun sharing tips with our attendees.

Mu Ming suggests companies look for dreamers who can distinguish dream from reality. He notes, “Adversity breeds creativity – always challenges people with difficult problems, but also provide the environment that could help them to solve the problems.”

Pebble Beach The Lone Cypress™

Join us for G-Summit at Pebble Beach® on August 23rd

We’re excited to bring together the greatest minds in science, technology and leading investment firms at G-Summit at Pebble Beach®. Not only are attendees part of engaging conversations, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network in casual settings, attend conversational dinners and golf.

Space is limited to 150 attendees. Claim your spot before we sell out.

For the latest on G-Summit panels and speakers, view the agenda.